Two Great Centers

I have 2 great centers I'd like to share.

1.  My favorite, the art center.  I have them draw a picture using a white crayon.  They have to color pretty hard.  Then they paint the picture.  They turn out so pretty. 

I think it would look good with colored crayons too.  But I didn't have them do it that way.  They are loving it.  They are also writing secret messages and painting to find the message.  So cute!

2.  My next center is what I call Word Soup.  I just used ziti noodles and wrote all our sight words on them.  Then I put them with 1 small scooper and 3 bowls.  They have to scoop out the words and read them to add the noodles to their soup.  They are LOVING it.  If to make it a little more rigorous, they have to write the words they add to their soup.

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Sara said...

Love that watercolor picture!! How fun!

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