Hip Hip Hooray for just about a perfect day!

I wish I had pictures of today!  But I don't.  Darn photo space is Full!  BUT I was so anxious this morning.  It was like, the first day feeling.  I was sad, scared, ready to react with a hushed importance.  I only slept a little, with the thoughts of how I will handle them being after the weekend.

They came in with big smiles, singing me a Happy Birthday (yes, it was Saturday!)  I've never been thankful for a December birthday until today.  I hugged each student tight and we got right to work.  

Also, I happen to have a cold so when I did get a little mushy... I could blame it on that!  

Today was just about perfect.  

Silly Boy A was still his silly self, unable to sit quietly.

Silly Boy B still forgot how to whisper.

Silly Girl A still is having trouble keeping her hand off her friends hair.

So, today was just right.  Even today these annoyances didn't bother me quite as much.  As for tomorrow.... that is yet to be determined!

There was no mention of worry, no mention of not feeling safe, no mention of the bad guys out there.  And I am so thankful.  Thankful they can still be innocent and not know the world has its dark side.  

I hope you day was as bright!

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