Hello Readers Workshop... I love you.

So I've decided to give my valentine this year NOT to my awesome (and yet oh so annoying hubby) but to Readers Workshop!

Can I tell you I am IN LOVE?

So, we are a half day program (9 to 11:44 then 12:41 to 3:25)  So, it isn't possible in my class.  How do you possibly manage it?  How does one possibly take care of 40 bags with 40 levels and blah blah blah

Until this year.  Our Superintendent informed us we were a Reading and Writing Workshop School (never knew that before!)  So after silently crying... then telling the world it couldn't happen... I did it!

With the help of Kim Adsit and Michele Scannell.  Their units honestly have giving me the strength I needed.  I can and am doing it.  My kids are reading like crazy people.

The true winner... TODAY... my struggling student brought over a self-selected book Balto.  (Uggh... I was ready to reminder that we don't move around we don't get up nag nag nag) when she asked to to tell her why there was a statue in New York for this dog.


Yes... really.  No, she did not read the book (it was a Level 3 reader) but she looked at all the pictures, she saw the words she knew jump out at her... she saw New York.

I thought I might cry!

So of course I encouraged her to take the book home and read it with her mom.  (I am crossing my fingers it comes back... but if not, it was a good $4.99 spent!)

Now, my reading time is tight.  We barely have time to pack up.  But from11:20 to to 11:35 we are reading!

I am thinking of moving my schedule around a little to give more time.  We've got to be able to fit more in right?

So, for you nay-sayers, like me, there is hope!  It is my favorite time of the day!