Oh the day I have had...

So why is it that when you have a totally rockin', everybody seems to get along, the question and answers are deep and meaningful kinda day it is always seems to be followed by a day where there is a feeling of mayhem?

So yesterday I had a great text talk, the kids seemed to dig deep with their thinking, I left on a HIGH!  I was SUPER TEACHER yesterday.

But today came.  I was ready, I was prepared.... but I guess I just pushed them a little too hard.

Seriously, one student asked me today where to put her crayon box.  Really?  Ummm the same place it always goes?

Today I had them begin working with a partner.  For our Family Project this month, students Disguised a Turkey so it wouldn't be eaten for Thanksgiving.  So I "thought" it would be a great idea to extend the activity and try to have students use the project to write about their turkey's disguise.

I thought I would start out with a good model.  I displayed my turkey, disguised as a pig (of course).  Then I wrote:  My turkey looks like a pig.

They all seemed happy about that.  Achievable.  Then, I decided to go one step further (you know, differentiating for those ready).  I wrote:  She is pink and brown.

Again, it didn't seem so hard.  I trusted they were listening, they understood.  That the Super Teacher from yesterday was STILL HERE IN THIS ROOM.

So, next I paired them with a partner.  I explained how the partner is your helper.  You ask him/her first.  You make sure you both know what to do!

Hello.  Partner doesn't mean write their paper.... no.
Partner doesn't mean you play on the floor... no.
Partner doesn't mean you exchange crayons...no.
Partner doesn't mean you leave them behind... no.

Maybe that should be my next anchor chart??

So, today wasn't a total success.  I guess that means, tomorrow will only  be better!


Readers Workshop and another Math Freebie!

Today I attended an after school workshop on Readers Workshop.  I am not sure exactly how I can do this in a half day kindergarten.  But, I am going to try!  I will just have to work it down a little.  For Cyber Monday I purchased Kim Adsit's Readers Workshop Units.  I am very excited to see if I can work in my classes.

So this morning I whipped up this little math center.  I think the kids did pretty good at it today.  So I thought I would share it with you too!  Just click on it and it should work!  



What Comes Next- Freebie

So this morning I needed a quick center for math.  Nothing too tricky but helpful!

Last week I had the sort the number cards and write them.  They did ok, but I realized maybe I needed to take it down a notch.  So here is what I came up with.

I think if you click HERE it will take you to google docs.  But if not just leave a message and I will email it to you!

This is the front.  But I wanted to add a little rigor (love that word right!) and I added this to the back.

I hope you can use it!


Election Day Freebie!

So, happy election week!  I made this Election Day writing center as a Freebie for you!  Here is how the book works!  Click the picture below to get your copy!

Here is how I use the book in my classroom!

I print and laminate about 4 of these so kids can use them as a guide when they create their own book.  They DO NOT have to use the same words, but they can if they'd like.

This is the cover of the book.  Students love being the author!

I copy the book, front to back to make a book that has a cover, and five pages for students to write in.  I pre staple the book so it is easier for the kids to keep the book together.

I hope you enjoy it!  I'd love to hear what you think!


Surviving the storm and a week off school

So Hurricane Sandy did a little number on our town and we had NO SCHOOL ALL WEEK!

Eek.  They are hoping to be back up and going on Monday.  Can you believe that?  I feel totally blessed since we did not lose power at all so other than not knowing if we had school or not it's been a mini-vacation here.  Although come June, we will have to make up all these days.  Uggh!

We even missed parent conferences!  Yikes!

So I need a little advice.  My plans last week were to discuss elections and read Grace, Duck, and My Teacher for President.  And have a mock election on Monday.  We weren't suppose to have school on Tuesday for PD but we now will have school.  Would you still do this?  Or would you jump into Thanksgiving and turkeys?

I think I could still do the election thing and do it on Friday?  But I am torn?  Help!

We've been checking out the beach.

Making homemade biscuits.

Taking my girls out to eat.

At Subway.  

Saw this cute purse at TJ Maxx... but it was $150 so I didn't get it.  But I keep thinking about it so I might need to go back.

Went to see Wreak It Ralph.  Really cute!