Survived the Storm but...

So, I survived the storm.  It really didn't seem HORRIBLE.  But I am not as close to the water as others.  We still have power but 90% of my town is OUT.

No school tomorrow.  Which is a good thing, for Halloween... but I think Halloween is cancelled!  Poor kids!

We drove through town and our town green was a disaster zone!

We ended our day with Frito Pie.  Yum.  I am so glad my Yankee girls like a little Texas food too!


Preparing for a STORM

So, school is cancelled for Monday and Tuesday.

I'm prepared.  We are blessed to have a generator so if we lose power we can at least charge our phones and use the microwave.  But for some odd reason I am not worried.  Sure I leave near the beach, sure there are a few trees that I should have gotten taken down this summer because they died and could fall on my house, sure they are calling this THE WORST STORM EVER!

But I've got my family here.  We are going to carve pumpkins and sleep together and honestly, I love any excuse to get to stay in pajamas all day!

Say a prayer for us.

Then say a prayer that if we go back to school that Halloween won't be too crazy after all this!

Oh, and I should mention too this is parent conference week!  Nice huh!! That's okay!  It will all work itself out!


The Common Core... continued

Really, the Common Core is a good thing.  I love the idea of TEACHING LESS!  But my principal, to whom I really do love and appreciate, is on the warpath.

Our district is on the Get Set year of the Common Core.  We are getting ready to implement it next year.  But, I don't know if it is the "higher" ups or that my principal wants to impress everyone and make them think her school is already ready, but things have gone lulu!

Every day, she will step into my room and ask how this or that aligns with the common core.  I am seriously tired of hearing it.

So, I've started writing the CCSS number on everything I do.  So I can show her how it aligns.  The only thing... somethings fall in the gray.  Am I right?

No where does it say they need fine motor activities, but they do.  So I purchased

The Pokey Pin, is totally fine motor!  They use a push pin to build muscles.  But since it is the alphabet and sight words... does that count?  Miss Miner's Kindergarten is totally rocking this activity!  And you know, I want to too!

The other Fun

Well, seriously, she has asked me if the kitchen is relevant!  RELEVANT.  I just feel we are doing a disservice to taking the world so seriously all the time!

How are things about for you?


I actually sold something!

I don't plan on making it big in the TpT selling world.  I honestly, just don't have time to make a lot of stuff.  I am more the shopper than the maker!

But I do like to make my writing center packets.  I use them in my classroom too!  So I listed it and it has just sat there.  I actually, sold one!  Ok, the numbers are still small.  But it just makes me feel so good to think something I've put out there is going to help someone!  Yeah!

Here is a snap shot of one of my students at work!
If you haven't checked out my Fire Station Writing Unit, please do.  If you can't find a place for it in your classroom, that's okay.  I would much appreciate a rating!


Fire Safety Writing Unit

Do you need a little something to jazz up your writing center?  Well, this is just for you!  Each center cycle I have my students make books.  This is only their 2nd book, but I think they get it.  This week we are discussing fire safety.  So I made this unit:

Click here to grab yours from TpT!

They use this to help them write the words.

This is the cover.

This is the inside.  I usually copy front and back so there is a total of 5 places to write.

I also am doing the following centers this week:

Art:  We are painting fire.  They have to mix red and yellow to get orange.  This isn't my favorite activity but it is a painting week in my class so I have to stick to the plan!

Math:  I am using cards from Kreative in Kinder's  Fire Safety Unit.  The love the activity!  It is a fire truck with a tens frame and they have to match it to the right number.  Then when they are done they get to play Get the Fire Dog to the Firefighter, which is also from her unit.  They just roll the die and move their piece.  The person who gets their first wins.

Listening:  We are listening to Firefighter Ted.  So funny!  I wonder if my principal would consider this quality literature?  I also have them draw a story response.  They are drawing their favorite Part of the story!

Literacy:  This really doesn't go with fire safety BUT I got Alessia Albanese's Write the Room Literacy Centers- The Complete Set- and to be honest, I wasn't sure.  I have NEVER really done well with kids milling around the room distracting everyone.  I started off small.  I really showed them what to do and how to be independent.  At first I put all her pictures in the pocket chart and they could only pretty much pick from there.  But now, they are really noticing words all over the room.  LOVE IT.  So this week we are on week 2 of her Fall Unit.  I think this was a great purchase!  Thank you Alessia!


The worries of Common Core

Today in a faculty meeting we listened to the speech by Dave Coleman on the Common Core and mathematics.  It is interesting, but overwhelming.  How can less seem so worrisome?  My principal tells us to make a list of things we are no longer going to be teaching.  But if I don't teach some things that are not on the common core, then how will they ever know?

For example, I did a project today on rhyming.  But I also taught them how to cut out the work and use scissors and glue.  Is scissors and glue in the common core?

I am excited to see somethings leave, I would love to spend my day having kids reading and writing.  But somethings still need to be taught, or we will all need to buy stock in the Elmer Glue factory!

I wish it wasn't so tricky.  Instead of making a list of what not to teach, since it is suppose to be less anyway, wouldn't it make more sense to make a list of what TO teach?



The (Almost) Independent Writing Center

Well, this start of the school year has got me in a hizzy.  I feel like I am just running and never really getting things accomplished.

The theme for my district this year is TEACH LESS, LEARN MORE.  Well, it isn't really working right now for me!  But I am trying.

For the first few weeks of centers, we were learning where to go and how to stay there.  Now, it is time for "real" centers.  So  my first real TpT writing center is up now!

This is my first item ever listed for sale on my TpT account and to be honest with you... I am a little scared.  I just want it to be useful to others!

I would LOVE to hear (read) your thoughts!