Chinese New Year- Day II

Today we reviewed the information we learned yesterday about Chinese New Year.

One thing we found interesting is that the Chinese give red envelopes to their family members.  And that it is filled with money!  So we colored an envelope red.

Then we reviewed the dime.  We have discussed the dime pretty much every 10th day of school.

I passed out a paper filled with dimes.

They colored the dimes grey and then circled them in groups of ten.  They cut them out also into groups of ten.

Then we stuffed our envelopes with the money that matched our age.  So if they are 5 they have $5 or 50 dimes or 6 years old they have $6 or 60 dimes.

The kids LOVED the money!  One asked me why they couldn't get real money!  (I put in my daily blog to parents if they wanted to extend the activity to have them find the right number of real dimes around the house and let them keep them.)

It was fun!  I also read this book:
Which is a great book... a little long but it was great to compare it to Jack and the Beanstalk.  It seemed to really hold their interest!

Hope you found this helpful!

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