Mrs. Bradley Makes it to Washington!

Day one at the NEA conference. My family and I got into Washington DC around 9:45 last night right before the storm hit. My whole family snuggled in the king sized bed watching the rain and lightening. It was sweet.

 I got up early this morning for a new delegate meeting held by my state. I learned all about the different subcommittees, budget, social, new business, resolutions, and NEA procedures. Immediately after we had our first state Caucasus. It was interesting but not too much business to discuss. As the meeting was about to adjourn there were several other caucaus looking for members. Did you know there is a Jewish caucaus an Italian American caucaus you name it there is probably a caucaus for it. I think I should start a kindergarten caucus!!

 Next I headed over to the convention center to officially register for the RA. They also have a big expo so I got to walk around there for a few hours. I was excited to see the exhibits but longed for more. I think there should be a Teaching Blog Addict booth or even a Teachers Pay Teachers booth. That would have really made my day.

 Tomorrow I have an early wake up call. So I had better settle down!  I just thought I would share my journey with you!

Here are a few pictures of my day!

I didn't get to go visit Lincoln yet, but Joe (my husband) took the girl.

Maggie at the Korean Memorial.

Erin at the Air and Space Museum.

At the Air and Space Museum.

I look horrible here, but after my meetings this is where I wanted to visit. 
It is just so pretty.

Back in the hotel lobby!  


Mrs. Bradley Goes to Washington

I know a lot of you are gearing up for the Kindergarten Conference in Las Vegas... I wish I could go!  But I am packing up to go to Washington DC.

I am a delegate for the NEA conference!  I am a little excited and a little nervous.  I am not a huge fan of crowded places.  But I am interested in learning more about our democratic process, how all this works and how our voice is heard.

I am also raising money for the NEA Children's Fund.  I am sure your organization has asked you for money.  Maybe you gave, maybe you didn't.  But I am going to add my link to my page if you'd like to give.

As a member of the NEA, I know that one of the most important things we can do for our schools and our children is speak up for public education in Washington. And you can help strengthen the NEA’s voice by making a contribution to my GO NEAFund page. Your gift will also go a long way towards helping me meet my fundraising goal, helping the NEA stand up for educators in D.C., and helping our state affiliate have a strong showing at this year’s RA.  Even dollar counts so any amount you'd want to give is appreciated!

Here is the link to my personal page:

And if you don't want to give to my page, look for someone from your state to give! (or go ahead and give to me!)


HELP! Do I need the kitchen area?

So, as I was gearing up to go for the summer, my principal posed the question/suggest of me getting rid of the kitchen area in my classroom.  She said with the common core the place of a kitchen/play area has run its course.

Since we are only half day kindergarten, we don't get recess.  So I view my play area as an important center in my classroom.  They only go there once every 6 days.  Sometimes I pick the activity for them blocks, legos, puzzles, kitchen etc.  But most of the time they decide on the activity themselves.

I feel like if I let it go, then our only opportunity for them to socially interact without my direct instruction is gone.  Plus, they love it there.

Am I wrong in my thinking?  Is the place of play out in our day and time in the K classroom?  HELP!


That is a wrap!

Well, its all over!  Whew, I am tired.  I survived the last day as well. It went by really fast and I didn't even get too weepy!  Why do they really make us totally put everything away.  Do they really scrub our classrooms?  My room looks like a skeleton.  But I am already printing ideas for next year and I moved my desk so I see the classroom with a new point of view. 

I am going through my google documents... I am just curious how people keep it organized?  It seems so full of random things.  I started making folders but it is hard to keep things organized. 

I am just adding this one because my daughters are loving the photo booth!  Everyday I am finding new pictures.

Finally, to wrap up the day I took the girls to the library to start the summer reading program and I ran into about 10 of my students.  That was a nice thing to see.  Then we went to Friendly's for dinner and ran into other students from our school.  I guess that is the glamorous life of a teacher!


Look I was nominated!

accelerated degrees

Wow, I am so surprised by this!  Honestly, I feel like I am talking to myself.  That I do not have too much to share but little tid bits here and there.  I must have the best 66 followers ever!  Thanks guys!

accelerated degree programs

So I guess y'all can vote for me beginning June 25th.  This is for my post on my Dr. Seuss booklet.  Read about the post here

Excited!  This is a nice way to start my last day of school!


One more day

Time to wrap it all up!  We have a early dismissal day on Monday.  I usually teach AM and PM.  But since this is the LAST day... I get to have BOTH of them... at the same time!

Say a little prayer I survive.

I have them LONGER than usual too!  We normally go to school from 9 to 11:41.  So I will have them until 12.  I know.. what is 20 minutes but my stomach is a little nervous!

I am going to cram it FULL of things to do, hopefully mostly outside.  Thank goodness the weather is suppose to cooperate!

Any good ideas of things to do?


Career Day

My students did a fantastic job yesterday for their Career Day.
Baseball Player

They each wrote about what they wanted to be when they grow up.  I was a lot of work but they did a fantastic job.  We even made paper dolls to show who we were!
Police Officer



Next we invited all the parents in to hear them read about what they wanted to be and of course dress as their new profession.

We had a variety of jobs, dog walker, ballerina, magician, model, WWE wrestler, chef, scientist, beautician, fashion designer, and of course a baseball player!


Zoo Writing

I just posted a new (free) item on TpT.

Here is the inside:

It is just like the job book but it is now about zoo animals.

If you get it... leave me (nice) feedback!  I like seeing those little stars!

Also, I know most of you are out of school (I am jealous) but I am in CRUNCH time.  Why is so much stuffed into the last few weeks of school.

My class is doing their Career Day presentations on Monday.  We have field day, school picnic, assemblies, report cards, awards.  Uggh!  I can't get everything done!

We are out June 18!  It cannot come soon enough!