They can WRITE! Yeah!

After attending Kim Adsit's workshop, I really wanted to put into play her ideas for writing.  She starts all the kids off on 2 lined paper.  When they can fill up the 2 lines, they get 4 lined paper, then 6, then 9 etc.  (if you go to her website, she has them all there to download too!). 

So I wanted to use the writers workshop model, although I have been using an abreviated version in my class.  I started with the anchor chart of what we can write about.  This was just a one day mini-lesson and I held off on writing.

Then I did a What Good Writers do When they are done.  I spent more time on this anchor chart and told my story of Brayden.  Feel free to use this story too:

When Brayden was in kindergarten he was a Star Wars savant!  (seriously, he knew it all!)  And he loved to write about Star Wars EVERY time we wrote.  Which was fine with me also has he had different things to say.  And he always did.  So I demonstrated one of Brayden's papers.  I drew Luke with a light saber and Darth with a light saber.  Of course all the boys were SUPER attentive. 

Then I wrote (using 2 lines) Luke fought Darth Vader in a battle.

Everyone loved it!  I then went to the anchor chart:  It says good writers add to their picture.  So I did what Brayden did:  He started adding action to his picture and added Yoda and the death star and Chewbacca and before we knew it the picture was all messed up. 

I asked the students what Brayden did?  They said, "he messed up the paper".  I said RIGHT... what should have Brayden done:  everyone answered either get a new piece or add to the words. 


The folder

Maybe Star Wars is out and Ninjago is in?

He couldn't wait for 4 lines!

And they added to the picture perfect!
So they go off to writing.  I also incorporated Kim's idea of clubs.  I put a paper on the wall and it said : The 2 Line Club!  If students could fill up two lines they got to sign their names!  They LOVED that!  They all wanted the 4 lined paper too.  I only had about 4 students total who couldn't sign the paper.  Which is GREAT!

They were so eager to write they were disappointed we didn't do it today too!  But I didn't want to kill the excitement! 


alwayslearning said...

Thank you for sharing your writing! I like the "2 line club" idea.

Edana said...


I'm your newest follower- love your blog name :)

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Giggles and Squeals said...

It is so motivating! They really are pushing themselves and it allows me to have meaningful conferring with them about writing!