The Kindergarten Memory Board

In the back of my classroom I have a HUGE bulletin board.  Well, it really is just a bulletin strip that I've turned into a bulletin board.

I have turned this into my Kindergarten Memories.

So often, the students live in the NOW, they forgot the things we did a few weeks ago.  So at the end of each month, we list all the things we did that we found memorable.  For the month of September we had a TON!

Gingerbread Man
Getting Crowned
Coming to school
Making new friends
Kallie's Birthday
Grady's Birthday
Richie's Birthday
Magnus's Birthday (etc)

Then from the list we pick one that is our very favorite!  This is a little tricky for me, I have to sell the one I want to pick the most because I have an AM and PM class, and they share the memory board.  But I'm not cheating (I don't think).

Then we make a scrapbook page that I file away.  This is September's page:
Sept Doc
(hey, this is my first embedded doc!  YEAH!)

We picked that we made the gingerbread man.  The students write their names at the top.  So hopefully we can see handwriting progression throughout the school year.  I put a picture like a scrapbook page on the actual paper.

I then add the memory to the memory board.  Simple and pretty easy!

It takes very little time.  Then at the end of the school year I bind them and they have a perfect little kindergarten memory book!

I love it!

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Keri said...

I LOVE your memories page! It is absolutely perfect..I am trying to do something similar in my grade 2/3 class. I am a new follower..

Giggles and Squeals said...

I have to be a little honest and say I got the idea from reading Mrs. Bindergarten's Last Day of Kindergarten. On one of the pages it is an illustration in the background.

I am glad to share! And I am glad you are a new follower! Welcome!