Writing Center booklet

So I have my 2nd TpT posting.  It is what I do at the writing center.  Students write a book.

At the writing center students create their story about different jobs.  The whole packet is what you need to make the book.  

The inside looks like

And there is even a planning page:

It is FREE!  I am not ready to sell... I am still an amateur!

Enjoy!  I would LOVE feedback too!


T-Shirts with the Cricut... easy

Field Day T-Shirts!

Look what I made with my cricut!  It was so so so super easy too!

Did you know that Freezer Paper, which is really cheap and can be found with the foil at the grocery store... is also the best thing to make an iron on?  Yep! 

How to do this:

1.  Cut the freezer paper to 12x12 pieces.
2.  Cut out logo with Cricut.
3.  Iron on.
4.  Paint. (I should add you should put a cardboard piece in the middle of the shirt so the paint doesn't bleed through)
5.  Let it dry... really dry.
6.  Peel freezer paper off.
7.  Marvel in your amazing craftiness!

The bottom picture is what it will look like if you follow the steps!
The top picture is of the letters punched out of the bottom on and painted over in a circle.  So I just ironed on the letters THEN painted around them, let it dry and peeled off the letters instead of the logo!

I have AM and PM so it all worked out perfect!  They are pretty awesome huh??


My very first upload to TpT!

When I grow Up

I am so happy!  It is FREE and I am excited to share it.  I am not really much of a maker of stuff.  I am much better and getting it done for me.  But there really wasn't what I was looking for anywhere.  I hope you can check it out and let me know what you think!


Classroom Superheros

So I am going to attend the NEA conference in Washington, DC this year.  I decided to go because I can take my family.  My girls are old enough now to maybe appreciate a trip to Washington and my local union will pay my way... so what better way to get a little vacation too.

So in my research, I found this

Classroom Superheros

We need to nominate each other!  We are amazing teachers, we are superheroes!

I am going to nominate my team teacher.  She is a pretty amazing person and a very caring teacher!  Who will you nominate?


Bug Investigation

This week we are investigating bugs.  I didn't think this would be such an interesting topic, but the students are really enjoying it.

I started the week off with a math journal topic, I see 3 dragonflies and 4 butterflies.  How many insects did I see?

They weren't sure how to draw the bugs so this was my models:

The students did a great job!

Next we read the non-fiction text by Deanna Jump about insects.  We learned:

  • insects have 3 body parts, head, thorax, and abdomen
  • the antenna helps them smell and feel
  • they have 6 legs
  • not all insects have wings, but most do
  • they have compound eyes, so they see things differently
  • insects have an exoskeleton
Next we invented a bug!  Here is mine. 

I go the Build a Bug from Deanna Jump's Insect Unit.

We really enjoyed our learning!