Hello February

February is probably one of my very favorite months.  I love the idea of Valentines (even if my husband says it is a made up holiday!)  What better holiday than Valentines for a kindergarten classroom.  To me, it means friendship and caring.  It means showing each other how we feel about them.

To kick off February I always read:

Valentine Surprise- Amazon

This is a great story about a little girl who wants to make a valentine for her mom but has trouble cutting hearts.  They are fat, square,lopsided, pointy, skinny... and they are just not right.

So after I read the book we reviewed symmetry.  A heart is symmetrical.  I modelled for them how to make a heart.  They I sent them off to make their very own.  Of course they wanted ME to do all the work but I wouldn't!  They had to fold the paper, draw the heart, and cut.  Some came out like a BIG circle.  Of course I helped them get it to look a little right.  Now my room is draped in beautiful, not perfect, hearts that are all special.

After we had our cutting exercise, I figured it was a great opportunity to discuss ADJECTIVES!  We discussed what it means and tried to list a few.  I am going to carry this lesson over to tomorrow and we are going to add adjectives to our writing!  (wish me luck!)

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