Earth Day Project... super easy

I loved this project!  I got it from Kim Adsit's Earth Day Unit!  But you can easily do one part or another!

I had students use green and blue markers on a coffee filter and squirted it with water.  I gave it a day to dry but they dry pretty fast.

It was so cute, it totally looked like the Earth!

We made an Earth day pledge or promise with what we will do to help the Earth everyday!  Then we put it all together.

Some students were heavy on the blue, but it turned out awesome!

Some were light on the blue and green and it looked great too!
Aren't they so cute?  Thank you Kim for the awesome idea!


Earth Day- Day 2

I am going to start with Earth Day.  Today I read the story Earth Day.  It is a basic book about students in school who want to save the Earth.  Basically, this book is about how small ideas can make a big difference.  I loved the message.

So today after reading the story, we discussed how we could save the Earth.

  • turn off the water when we brush our teeth
  • use less trash, recycle
  • turn off electronics when we are not using them
I liked our list!  It was pretty simple.  So today their goal was to come to school with reusable containers for their water and snack and we are going to try to have a NO TRASH DAY... we will see if this works!

Earth Centers:

This week since we are focusing on Earth day, there a a TON of freebie Earth Day activities on TpT.  Love it!  Here are a few that I am doing this week:

In art we are making this cute Earth, using torn paper.  Love it!  I made this one up, not from TpT!

In math they are doing patterning from TpT:
Link to TpT Pattern Page
In writing I created a cute little book:


Earth Week

Well I survived jury duty during spring break.  It wasn't so bad.  I did my civic duty and the case, although very sad, it was interesting.  I was done by Wednesday afternoon so I still had Thursday and Friday to chilax.

This week we are doing all things Earthy!  Today we discussed the Earth.  We learned

  • the Earth is round, or a sphere, but when we draw it it is a circle.
  • the Earth is made up of water and land
  • there are 7 continents but when you are drawing it, you can only see 3.
  • the Earth is important to take care of
So, each student drew the Earth:

We watched a Brainpopjr video on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  It is the movie of the week so you can watch it for FREE!  Click here to go to brainpopjr

Today I also introduced Math Journals.  I know, you are thinking... really isn't it kinda late to do that.  But I never quite understood what to do with them, how to manage that.  But I found Deedee Wills' free daily journal on TpT (click here to check it out!)  You can check out her blog at
 She just made it so easy.  So, I am going to keep up the math journals... starting off easy, like her freebie, and get a little harder as we go!


My Teddy Bear Picnic and Spring Break

So this week was parent conference week and I also needed to do a non-fiction text talk.  So I picked bears so we could have BEAR WEEK!  So to wrap up the week, we had a special Teddy Bear Picnic.

We measured bears using crayons, paperclips, and cubes.  

The weather was just right for a outside snack!

We even made teddy bear ears, that kinda looked a little like bunny ears.

I was really a lot of fun.  I was surprised that they really knew a lot about bears. Which was good but during my text talk, they are suppose to tell me what the author wants to tell us, and one student kept raising his hand to tell me about the facts he knew about bears.  I kept saying, where does it say that in this book?  It was HILARIOUS.

Speaking of hilarious, I got called for jury duty on Thursday and am now on jury duty for my Spring Break  Seriously, this isn't a joke!


Books you should read!

I just happened upon this article on Pinterest 67 Books Every Geek Should Read to their Kids Before age 10.

I love the list.  Although I am not a big fan of Little House on the Prairie, the books on there are AMAZING!  When I taught 5th grade I read 9 of the books on the list.  Does that make me a geek?

Also, I have read almost half the list to my girls?

Check the list out!

67 Books You Should Read to your Kids before they Turn 10!