The tale of TWO classrooms

So this next school year I've been given the task of teaching kindergarten at TWO schools.  Yes, you read that right.  I am teaching AM kindergarten at my home school, then traveling the 15 minutes, wolfing down my lunch, then doing PM kindergarten at a different school.

Our numbers are low.  So this means I get to set up and decorate both classes.  My mind tries to wrap my head around how I can manage BOTH rooms.  I guess I may need to break down and get one of those cart things you see teachers lugging around:

I could see this opportunity through two different lenses!

1.  They really believe in me.  They believe I am organized and I am a good planner.  I am able to bring my talents to a new building and bring my vast knowledge to a new group of learners!

2.  My principal wants me to get "fixed".  She's sending me off to learn the ways of the land at a new school, so that principal can whip me in shape!

Ok... I really doubt they are sending me off to learn something... maybe more they are sending me off because they know I will learn something.

Wish me luck!