Zoo Writing

I just posted a new (free) item on TpT.

Here is the inside:

It is just like the job book but it is now about zoo animals.

If you get it... leave me (nice) feedback!  I like seeing those little stars!

Also, I know most of you are out of school (I am jealous) but I am in CRUNCH time.  Why is so much stuffed into the last few weeks of school.

My class is doing their Career Day presentations on Monday.  We have field day, school picnic, assemblies, report cards, awards.  Uggh!  I can't get everything done!

We are out June 18!  It cannot come soon enough!


Miss Kindergarten said...

Ammie, your writing center is very very cute! Just want you to know that DJ inkers doesn't support their clipart being used and posted on TpT. Do you have a google docs account? You can give it for free on your blog as long as you make sure to mention DJ inkers in your post.


Giggles and Squeals said...

I think I secretly knew that but acted like I didn't know. I don't really know how to upload a document to my blog from google docs. Why does it have to be so tricky?

But thank you! I need to get a little more blog savvy!