One more day

Time to wrap it all up!  We have a early dismissal day on Monday.  I usually teach AM and PM.  But since this is the LAST day... I get to have BOTH of them... at the same time!

Say a little prayer I survive.

I have them LONGER than usual too!  We normally go to school from 9 to 11:41.  So I will have them until 12.  I know.. what is 20 minutes but my stomach is a little nervous!

I am going to cram it FULL of things to do, hopefully mostly outside.  Thank goodness the weather is suppose to cooperate!

Any good ideas of things to do?


Holly said...

You're still in still?!?!?! I thought WE went late...we got out this past Thursday. When do you go back? We got back right after Labor Day! Hugs - you'll make it through, you will...you will...you will!!!!!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Giggles and Squeals said...

We would have gotten out on Wednesday this past week but Hurricane Irene hit Connecticut and pushed us 3 days late! Then we had a freak snow storm in October which added my school 1 extra day.
We typically start school the Thursday before Labor Day.

I will survive today!