Mrs. Bradley Goes to Washington

I know a lot of you are gearing up for the Kindergarten Conference in Las Vegas... I wish I could go!  But I am packing up to go to Washington DC.

I am a delegate for the NEA conference!  I am a little excited and a little nervous.  I am not a huge fan of crowded places.  But I am interested in learning more about our democratic process, how all this works and how our voice is heard.

I am also raising money for the NEA Children's Fund.  I am sure your organization has asked you for money.  Maybe you gave, maybe you didn't.  But I am going to add my link to my page if you'd like to give.

As a member of the NEA, I know that one of the most important things we can do for our schools and our children is speak up for public education in Washington. And you can help strengthen the NEA’s voice by making a contribution to my GO NEAFund page. Your gift will also go a long way towards helping me meet my fundraising goal, helping the NEA stand up for educators in D.C., and helping our state affiliate have a strong showing at this year’s RA.  Even dollar counts so any amount you'd want to give is appreciated!

Here is the link to my personal page:

And if you don't want to give to my page, look for someone from your state to give! (or go ahead and give to me!)


Miss Trayers said...

Wow-how exciting! What an honor. Have a great trip. :)


Erica said...

I have given you an award! Come on over and pick it up!


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