That is a wrap!

Well, its all over!  Whew, I am tired.  I survived the last day as well. It went by really fast and I didn't even get too weepy!  Why do they really make us totally put everything away.  Do they really scrub our classrooms?  My room looks like a skeleton.  But I am already printing ideas for next year and I moved my desk so I see the classroom with a new point of view. 

I am going through my google documents... I am just curious how people keep it organized?  It seems so full of random things.  I started making folders but it is hard to keep things organized. 

I am just adding this one because my daughters are loving the photo booth!  Everyday I am finding new pictures.

Finally, to wrap up the day I took the girls to the library to start the summer reading program and I ran into about 10 of my students.  That was a nice thing to see.  Then we went to Friendly's for dinner and ran into other students from our school.  I guess that is the glamorous life of a teacher!

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