Tomorrow is the Big Start

I am ready, well, I think I am.  It is easy to think about school starting from the summer point of view.  I have copies made, plans thought out, pencils sharpened.  But come tomorrow at 9:01 I am sure my classroom will not be as organized as it is right this very minute.

A new year brings a place of hope, and expectation.  Kindergarten, well it is just a BEAST until about October.  Will have the stamina?  Will I be able to make it?

Of course... I may ahead a few tears along the way be I am optimistic that this year to be will be a great one!  Well, I know it will.  I've "borrowed" about a thought new ideas from the many many many blogs I've hopped all summer.  (thank you by the way!)

I look forward to sharing my day tomorrow!

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