Hip Hip Hooray for the 10th Day!

So, we finally reached day 10!  BUT of course we had a meeting all morning!  (why don't principals think of these things?)

But we happily celebrated the 10th day with SUPER HERO ZERO!

The kids thought he was rather funny!  But he came flying in and helped us move our 10 cubes to the tens column.  So now we have ONE long.  Honestly, I don't think they really understood. But our class helper (which I call the Busy Bee) got to wear the Super Hero cape and march us around the room chanting:  Hip Hip Hooray, for the 10th day!  It was rather cute!

Then I had the students draw 10 things, then anythings.  Here is a sample of what I got:
 Then Super Hero Zero Went good bye and said he would be back in 10 days.

I bought Counting by 10's with Zero the Hero by Growing Kinders: Zero The Hero 
We attempted to do it with all the other hoopla but I just couldn't fit it in!  Next 10 we will have more time!

Over all, I think it was a good day!  The kids liked it.  It certainly would have been better with out the meeting to interrupt.  BUT... that is school right.

I would love to here what you do for Super Hero Zero!

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