My bulletin board 

The look from the door.

My smart board and calendar area.

The rug, which is a love hate relationship.  Do they sit on it, around it?  I never know?

I did organize my books this year by monthly themes.

These are covered paper boxes.  I put my decorations for the month inside.  I change the curtains and cubby names each month to jazz up my room.

Computer area and word wall.

Art center area. 
Full view of my bulletin board.  I just love it!


Tawnya said...

Thanks for the peek in your room. I love seeing other classrooms. I have taught K for 12 years and it has always been full day K. I was wondering what the thought is behind why some states still do half day? Does that include lunch and resource classes? Even with 6 hours with them (excluding 30 mins each for lunch, recess and resource classes) I still feel like I don't have time to get everything taught. How do you like it?


Giggles and Squeals said...

It has its pros and cons. I like that I can get a new start for the afternoon. But that is about it. We have pretty much 90 minutes to teach each day. I see it like this: We go to school for 2.5 hours.
30 minutes is a special (gym music library)
30 minutes is packing and unpacking (we get better as the year goes on)
so that leaves just about 90 minutes, with a snack.

The biggest complaint I hear is that daycare preschool was LONGER! We don't get recess and we are always GOING GOING GOING!

Our district wants to go full day, but the expense is too much. You'd have to hire 8 new teachers and find them a place to work. So... I don't see it in happening too soon!