Preparing for a STORM

So, school is cancelled for Monday and Tuesday.

I'm prepared.  We are blessed to have a generator so if we lose power we can at least charge our phones and use the microwave.  But for some odd reason I am not worried.  Sure I leave near the beach, sure there are a few trees that I should have gotten taken down this summer because they died and could fall on my house, sure they are calling this THE WORST STORM EVER!

But I've got my family here.  We are going to carve pumpkins and sleep together and honestly, I love any excuse to get to stay in pajamas all day!

Say a prayer for us.

Then say a prayer that if we go back to school that Halloween won't be too crazy after all this!

Oh, and I should mention too this is parent conference week!  Nice huh!! That's okay!  It will all work itself out!

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