Earth Week

Well I survived jury duty during spring break.  It wasn't so bad.  I did my civic duty and the case, although very sad, it was interesting.  I was done by Wednesday afternoon so I still had Thursday and Friday to chilax.

This week we are doing all things Earthy!  Today we discussed the Earth.  We learned

  • the Earth is round, or a sphere, but when we draw it it is a circle.
  • the Earth is made up of water and land
  • there are 7 continents but when you are drawing it, you can only see 3.
  • the Earth is important to take care of
So, each student drew the Earth:

We watched a Brainpopjr video on Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  It is the movie of the week so you can watch it for FREE!  Click here to go to brainpopjr

Today I also introduced Math Journals.  I know, you are thinking... really isn't it kinda late to do that.  But I never quite understood what to do with them, how to manage that.  But I found Deedee Wills' free daily journal on TpT (click here to check it out!)  You can check out her blog at
 She just made it so easy.  So, I am going to keep up the math journals... starting off easy, like her freebie, and get a little harder as we go!

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