Earth Day- Day 2

I am going to start with Earth Day.  Today I read the story Earth Day.  It is a basic book about students in school who want to save the Earth.  Basically, this book is about how small ideas can make a big difference.  I loved the message.

So today after reading the story, we discussed how we could save the Earth.

  • turn off the water when we brush our teeth
  • use less trash, recycle
  • turn off electronics when we are not using them
I liked our list!  It was pretty simple.  So today their goal was to come to school with reusable containers for their water and snack and we are going to try to have a NO TRASH DAY... we will see if this works!

Earth Centers:

This week since we are focusing on Earth day, there a a TON of freebie Earth Day activities on TpT.  Love it!  Here are a few that I am doing this week:

In art we are making this cute Earth, using torn paper.  Love it!  I made this one up, not from TpT!

In math they are doing patterning from TpT:
Link to TpT Pattern Page
In writing I created a cute little book:

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