There was an old lady... no not me..

My students are... well hilarious!  I read the story yesterday about There Was and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover... and someone asked, why did I eat a clover?  haha so funny!  Do they know I turned a milestone just recently?  Seriously...

BUT the lesson was a success.

With the help of Pam at  Can Do Kinders I used her sequence cards.

After reading the story I passed out all the pictures and their words.  I didn't organize the WHOLE story.. we just didn't have time.

Then each student put the picture they had in the correct place on the pocket chart.

To follow up with the sequencing I had them draw each part of the story.  Here are a few:

They drew each piece and retold the story.

I love this one too!

Some students even labeled the pictures.  Love it!

Also, today I saw Tammy and Annie at  Live Love Laugh  have a few freebie games that go with the story as well.  I just might have to play a few today too!  

I love it when everything works out.  And no.... I never ate a clover!  

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Pam said...

Thank you for posting this! You are awesome.