The Power of Hot Potato

I typically try to plan every second of my day to the T.  And usually there is a gap between the AM and PM and one or the other has lag time, which is secret code in kindergarten for trouble.

So, I love Hot Potato.  It is rigorous, requires cooperation, and well, they have to kinda be a good sport.

How to play: (just in case you missed this somewhere in your childhood!)

Break into teams of 4 or 5.

Pick a bumper.  I always keep this rule, whoever gets out first, is the bumper the next round.  I usually pick the first bumper.

The bumper is the person who bumps the hot potatoes as they go in a circle.

Each person has 2 potatoes (both fist).

The bumper bumps, but everyone counts to ten.  If the bumper lands on your potato on ten, that potato is OUT.  If you lose both potatoes, you sit down.

The person with the potato left standing is the winner.  The winner never starts the next game.

Even if the bumper gets out, they can still bump.

The kids LOVE getting to play.  They get into good little huddles and I always hear kind words... and occasionally there is someone who tries to cheat but there is a posse to catch them.

So if you have an extra 5 minutes... give Hot Potato a try!

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