Have you ever just had one of those weeks.... that is this week for me and it was only 3 days!  I had a student fall down the stairs going down the gym... so scary!  A student had an accident in her pants that was pretty gross, and I seemed to have a desk disaster going on because I had trouble finding stuff!  Uggh.
My desk :(
But it is Friday.  And I have to think of the successes that DID happen this week.  And this is one of them.

To asses graphing, I had students sort and graph colored links.  First I did it in a whole group and modeled what they were suppose to do. 

Then I gave them a graph paper (super easy to make) and a bag full of links and had them graph.  They did FANTASTIC!  I was surprised!  Even my lower students got it.  (I am going to chalk that up to me being a great teacher!)

 I did get a few like these, but allowed me to have a good conversation about what happened.  A few kids also used the wrong color on the graph places... but their outcome was the same.

One other success I had this week was I got to deliver our 100th day canned goods to the Food Bank here in town.  We collected (school wide) about 1200 canned goods.  The food bank was so happy, as they were running pretty low.  He said we collected more than the Make A Difference Day Campaign... which I felt was amazing!  I am patting my back on that one!

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