Surviving the storm and a week off school

So Hurricane Sandy did a little number on our town and we had NO SCHOOL ALL WEEK!

Eek.  They are hoping to be back up and going on Monday.  Can you believe that?  I feel totally blessed since we did not lose power at all so other than not knowing if we had school or not it's been a mini-vacation here.  Although come June, we will have to make up all these days.  Uggh!

We even missed parent conferences!  Yikes!

So I need a little advice.  My plans last week were to discuss elections and read Grace, Duck, and My Teacher for President.  And have a mock election on Monday.  We weren't suppose to have school on Tuesday for PD but we now will have school.  Would you still do this?  Or would you jump into Thanksgiving and turkeys?

I think I could still do the election thing and do it on Friday?  But I am torn?  Help!

We've been checking out the beach.

Making homemade biscuits.

Taking my girls out to eat.

At Subway.  

Saw this cute purse at TJ Maxx... but it was $150 so I didn't get it.  But I keep thinking about it so I might need to go back.

Went to see Wreak It Ralph.  Really cute!

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