Well, I am not politicial....

That is what I always say.  I don't like hearing about political things, I am not a leader in Congress, and well, I "trust" that the people in office will do what is best for our country.

But as I sit on the NEA Representative Assembly, I get a little nervous.  Do they have our best interest?  Who really attacks teachers?  Sure... the delegates from some of the larger states like California and Michigan... they seem to have a lot more to say.  At first, I admit, I was ignoring the California propaganda, but it seems like they do have somethings to say.

I am fairly conservative.  I don't want big government, I don't want a socialist society.  But I want our leaders to trust me and let me lead the way in my classroom.  I keep hearing that "teachers are under attack"  big businesses, leaders of our nation want to get rid of public education and move everyone to charter schools, all schools to be run as a business, and principals and administrator can make drastic changes on a whim.  Is this true?  Should I be worried?

I was privileged enough to listen to Joe Biden, our Vice President, as he addressed the NEA yesterday. It truly got me thinking.  I, of course, am going to do my own research.  I want to know, what is a stretch and what is a truth.

Joe Biden speaks to the NEA delegation

Listen to his speech.  Let me know what you think.  I know you don't come to my blog to hear NEA issues and political action, but it is time we do more.  Don't you think?


Mrs. Lindsey said...

I clicked and read the article. I'm not a big political person either. In my state, TN, we started a new evaluation system this past school year that was CRAZY. I haven't done any research based on the article but I'd say times are tough. In my district we are most likely going to have to close a school unless the "political people" in my county raise taxes. It's a tough time to be a teacher anywhere.

mrsjanellebush said...

I am a Tennessee teacher as well and agree with the above poster. The new evaluation system is crazy. The craziest thing is that teachers that are know as bad teachers scored really high and the awesome teachers that work their tails off scored lower. I didn't understand it at all. It is scarey times. It worries me all of the time. I have also noticed over the last 7 years that I have taught that it is very political. Teachers are often promoted and given good position not because they are good but for who they know. I am worried as well. I remember in Obama's speech that he promised raises and better insurance for teachers but I have yet to see it happen. It seems like teachers always get the raw end of the deal.

Giggles and Squeals said...

How can the teacher be the bad guy to the economy? We are not in this profession for the money or the fame. I was blessed enough to get to hear the National Teacher of the Year speak as well and she really said it best. We need to be our own advocates. All too often we, the teachers, put our profession in a poor light. We need to stand up and tell others what a wonderful profession we have. We need to call the newspaper and the local news channels each and every time sometime amazing happens.

I hope that the Tennessee evaluation system can still be revamped. I got to hear from the President of the Massachusetts Education Association and he said there system was in place and it was made by the people in the union. That they felt it was fair and balanced.

Miss Trayers said...

I do follow the politics-especially because this year there have been some really crazy changes. In Wisconsin voting to end unions, Louisiana moving $ to kids on vouchers in private schools instead of into fixing failing public ones. I also worry. In New York, they just decided teacher evaluations (which used to be confidential even to co-workers) will be made public to the parents of your students. My evaluation next year is based 50% on test scores-yes, that's in Kindergarten!!!!! It worries me very much the direction we are heading.


TammySF. said...

I'm a new follower!! Just found your blog YAY!!!! I hope you'll check out my blog sometime:)

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