Bug Investigation

This week we are investigating bugs.  I didn't think this would be such an interesting topic, but the students are really enjoying it.

I started the week off with a math journal topic, I see 3 dragonflies and 4 butterflies.  How many insects did I see?

They weren't sure how to draw the bugs so this was my models:

The students did a great job!

Next we read the non-fiction text by Deanna Jump about insects.  We learned:

  • insects have 3 body parts, head, thorax, and abdomen
  • the antenna helps them smell and feel
  • they have 6 legs
  • not all insects have wings, but most do
  • they have compound eyes, so they see things differently
  • insects have an exoskeleton
Next we invented a bug!  Here is mine. 

I go the Build a Bug from Deanna Jump's Insect Unit.

We really enjoyed our learning!  

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