Our Thanksgiving Feast

If your school is anything like my school, they are scared of food.  Food is not for sharing.  But it is an important element of Thanksgiving.  Those days of having a yummy thanksgiving feast are long gone for us.  But my team teacher, Mrs. Shields and I have found a way around the problem. We have snack, together!  Each student brings their own snack that might have been around at the time of the pilgrims... like bread, fruits, berries, goldfish (well, we can pretend they are the fish that was caught for the special feast!)

Here are a few pictures from last years feast!
My class is the pilgrims.  Mrs. Shields class is the Indians.

We sit together to have our "feast"

Then we sing a few songs together! 

Here is the letter I send home the week before to give the parents plenty of time to think of Thanksgiving together!

Thanksgiving Letter

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