An Easy Art Project... and cute too!

First, sorry I've been MIA.  We hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving and so that pretty much kept me busy!

Our school is all business, no holidays, we'd hate to exclude anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

So I have the perfect project!  Let's make Symmetrical Evergreen trees!

They are super easy and a good cutting and thinking challenge for the kiddos!

I always demonstrate the project whole group, then hope they remember when their day comes along and they get to do the project.

So here are the step by step directions:

1.  Have students fold the paper in half.  Line up those corners!

2.  Here is the tricky part.  I go over and over how they tracer needs to be on the fold.  So I have the paper talk moving the opening part.  Then I talk with my lips zipped to show they want the fold.  Lay the tracer on the fold and trace.  Also discuss how the tree is symmetrical.  Tell them the fold is called the line of symmetry.  They might remember that when they get to 3rd grade and need that!

3.  Keeping the paper folder, cut it out.  If you did it right, you should have an evergreen tree!

4.  They I put up the shapes and foam pieces and let them decorate the tree.  They are just so adorable!  I love it!

They do it all themselves!  I know some with do it wrong.  I know some will struggle with cutting but I love them anyway!


Michelle Rist said...

Love it! I'm teaching symmetry next week and I am using this!!!! Thank you!

Giggles and Squeals said...

Yeah! I am glad you like it!