Readers Workshop

So I plowed through Kim Adsit and Michele Scannell's Blasting off to Reader's Workshop.

I really liked this unit.  I have to be honest and say, I didn't think I would be able to do independent reading in my class.  Not that they aren't readers, I actually have quite a few already on a DRA 3.  But that their stamina isn't there.  They just can't sit and read yet.  Or so I thought.

Of course there are some who would rather do anything else.  But for the most part they loved getting a chance to practice what we have been doing.  Yeah!

I did go through her unit quickly, but only because some of it we were already doing.  BUT I reviewed EVERYTHING.  I didn't want to regret it later.

This week I am going to really work on Powerful Partnerships.  I know they can do it!  Here are my questions right now:

I have them in small tubs reading books.  This is just makes it easier since I have AM and PM and I can just manage it better.  BUT I am probably going to have to have book boxes.  How can I manage that?

What am I going to do with my REALLY low students, who right now are struggling to keep their attention at circle?  They can do this too I know!

Wish me luck!