Back to School and Freebie

Hi Everyone!

   So I got back to school on Thursday and I have some really cutie pies.  I have 18 in the morning and only 13 in the afternoon.  SO.. I've got my work cut out for me at keeping them even.  I can already tell my afternoon is going to get things done MUCH quicker!

   On Friday the school librarian read The Gingerbread Man and they made a BIG gingerbread cookie.  So all next week we will be hunting the gingerbread man.  I love this activity.   But I also have to find time for classroom rules.  So I am trying to see how I can put all the things I need to fit in this week.

But I made my first share!  I know, I've shared papers, but never a game.  Yeah.  I think I might know a little bit about what I am doing!!  I made and ABC matching uppercase to lowercase.  You can use this now or use it at Christmas... both will be great!  Just click here or the picture at the top!

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