Reindeer Text talk- Day 2

Day 2 of our non-fiction text talk went pretty good!  Today we discussed how the reindeer live and change. 

Did you know that reindeer adapt to the cold weather and their hooves change if it is snowy and icy?  Interesting!

Also that they can run very fast, like 50 miles per hour!  WOW!

Of course one of my students said they had to run fast to pull the sleigh but that is okay!  That was my giggle of the day!

I asked at the end why the author didn't include the parts about Santa and they all had ideas that were creative like:

The author must celebrate Hanukkah instead.
The author must not have had time to write about Santa.
The editor must have cut the part from the story.
Santa asked him not to include it since his reindeer are special and he didn't want to hurt the other reindeer's feeling!

Gotta love kindergarten!

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